months celebrating special searches june 2013 partners in health of farmer, kim, dahl and nearly 13000 communnity ealt worers
welcome to - a project of - a blog rehearsing 175th year of celebrating media of end poverty in 2018 The Economist's Number 1 Question 1950-1975 - will it make sense for 7 billion beings to spend 5 times more money and time on communications in 2000 compared with 1950. Provisional answer only if we design communications to make universal basic health service 5 times less costly than it had spiralled up to be by 1984
we are massively redesigning tis blog until the world's faith leader of POP comes to washington DC on 23 and 24 September because health needs to be te most communnaly valued and trusted profession of all as far as we can search.XXXXXXX PREVIOUSLY millennials survey 2013 after interviews at 20th celebrations of Open Society in Budapest -please help assemble extremely affordable medical expert survey of 2013-

1 has one good thing emerged yet from partner in health number 2 becoming head of world bank in june? if yes, link please!

2 is anyone interested in mit intervention in typhoid- portatherm? This is one of the 5 semi-finalists of accelerator stage of mit100k which i helped judge last week

3 usaid said DC 12/12/12 USAID claims knowledge of infant nutrition and farmer microfinancing will take lead in obama's flagship approach to burma and feedthefuture -how can worldwide youth help ensure we ensure sino-bangla- knowhow is openly included? help nominate 4 on rsvp


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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Millennials Journalists at and and EconomistAsia,net 
AND I have a lot of catching up to do- i first met paul farmer in budapest during the open society laureates of June 2013 - hence this month is dedicated to everything our futures can linkin round partners in health places

Haiti (from 2 peoples odyssey 1983 reading about POP to 2013 opening of Mirebalais the best teacing hospital the poor ave even been accompanied by),

Mirebalais as a  model soon to be replicated with president kagame chief of joyful celebrations of health for in Rwanda

WHAT IF your capital or place actively linkedin with a professional of POP
  please tell us

meanwile have a look at  ghdonline and pih engage

 Boston the capital whose youthful medics adopted knowledge exchanges with Haiti, then 9+ more countries, then in 2012 with the new president of the world bank himself a 25 yeae co-founder of partners in health (officially a charity born in 1987) what if every university city and one prfessional  accompanied the poor around the world

 Peru circa 1995 when microfranchise innovations to ending drug resistant tuberculosis were so brilliant that George Soros adopted PIH as his favorite network wherever his friends needed pop health networhs- this was fitting since the culture of PIH was born in 1983 while Paul and Ophelia read Theology of Liberation by Peruvian Gutierrez video 1

  2 - as part of 2015 the greatest year yet of celebrating POP the world bank lands its October meetings in Lima Peru;

Washington DC - a month before Lima's celebratins of POP, Congress and Obama ave invited the Pope Francis to brief them 23, 24 september

Rome had first informed Jim Kim to "Count on Me" during his 2013 pilgrimage to celebrate Francis

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