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Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to help yunus healthcare plan in Bangladesh

Regarding the free nursing college - the main bottleneck is helping him find the world's most passionate trainers of nurses - especially if they are happy to work in dhaka for 2 years or more at Yunus Nursing College

Yunus is also interested in replicating any community economical franchises that fit his social business modeling values. To date the best example of this has been importing the eyecare franchise begun by India's - whose original funding was collected by the youthful pop stars thegreenchildren one or two more branches of this are being added every year as the first franchises' profits are reinvested back in replication. Aravind achieves this by designing 10 times more economical productivity than comparable eyecare facilities. This permits grameen eyecare social business to profit even as it cross-subsidises over half of ts patients who pay only a token amount. Notable about aravind is that its chief worlldwide supporter is Larry Brilliant - the doctor who helped end the last case of smallpox, an ubernetworker on eyecare, more recently the first ceo of and currently working with Jeff Skoll on responsible disaster movies (ofthe inconveneinet truth genre)

Yunus reputation as one of the world's edgiest innovators is shown where he negotiates with the biggest healthcare corporations to transfer their technology to mobile apps that grameen nurses can linkin round the vilages. One of his annual platforms for searching out corporate parners responsible for celebrating such extremely affordable apps is america's biggest health congress - which was founded by vidar jorgensen who has also become the president of grameen america some links -
 patent pools
yunus and GE

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