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1 has one good thing emerged yet from partner in health number 2 becoming head of world bank in june? if yes, link please!

2 is anyone interested in mit intervention in typhoid- portatherm? This is one of the 5 semi-finalists of accelerator stage of mit100k which i helped judge last week

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Monday, May 21, 2012


One of my favorite thinkers, BJ Fogg from Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab, held a unique conference on campus last week entitled Mobile Health 2012. Several hundred executives and researchers from large health care oriented enterprises were invited to learn how to create significant change in their businesses using baby steps. The three key areas of focus were behavioral change, collaboration and product development.
Here’s something cool: While this was a forum for the healthcare industry, most of the speakers were from the startup tech companies! I never really thought about using startup best practices for larger more mature businesses – but after leaving Mobile Health I’m a believer: (a) many small changes are better than a few big ones, and (b) this is a universal truth for all-sized companies.
My panel was helping business and technical users launch new products (thanks to my fellow panelists: Vinay Gidwaney from DailyFeats (a company I am proud to advise)), Cristina Cordova from Pulse and Manu Kumar from K9 Ventures).

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